Meet Curtis Grayson III

Burnett Curtis Grayson, III, has had the desire to be an artist at an early age. Whether it was drawing with his first crayon or watching his favorite TV sitcom “Good Times” as J.J. (Jimmy Walker) created masterpieces on his easel. He later learned that all the artwork shown was from The Ernie Barnes’ Collection. His demand for education in the arts continued. With his undying faith in God, Grayson has been Blessed to realize his dream. With his desire and talents, he is definitely one of the most inspiring and up and coming artist today.

One of Grayson’s most celebrated series of work is his “Revelations Series”, a dedication to Alvin Ailey’s signature dance piece. One of the pieces in the collection entitled, “Dance of August” can be seen in the HBO production of Terri McMillan’s novel Disappearing Acts, starring Sanaa Lathan and Wesley Snipes, which premiered December 2000. Just Recently Grayson's work was commissioned for the McDonald’s 365 Black History poster to salute Black Media Legends. Poster was distributed throughout the tri-state area.

He works with oils, acrylics, watercolors, collage and other mixed mediums. He uses bold, brilliant and bright hues, which display power and energy with each brush stroke. His paintings are filled with strong emotion and feeling.

Mr. Grayson was born in Montclair, New Jersey, but experienced his education in East Orange and Newark. In 1987 he graduated from the prestigious Arts High School of Newark. Furthering his education, he attended William Paterson College and in 1993 received a Bachelor of Arts in African Studies. A need to incorporate the arts on another level lead Grayson in 1995 to create his company called Kemetic Expressions, a company created to uplift, educate and change the negative images of the African-American Experience by specializing in the “CULTURE.” As an artist Grayson carefully studies how life affects the African American community and people as a whole. He feels that the role of an artist is to be a recorder if time.

Grayson’s work has been exhibited at various shows across the country such as Iandor Fine Arts, Newark, NJ, the Denver Black Arts Festival, Black Heritage Arts Festival, Brooklyn Promenade, Cleveland Fine Art Show, Plainfield Art Festival, October Gallery- Philiadelphia Art Expo, Art in the Atrium of Morristown, Ellen-Ashley Gallery, Newark, NJ, The Heritage Arts Festival in Atlanta, GA and a host of other galleries just to name a few. When he is not painting, he enjoys spending time with his wife Daneen and 3 sons Burnett, IV and Andrew and Carlton. He enjoys training in the Moyo Kazi Kupigana Ngumi and Burmese Bando Systems, under the instruction of Shaha Mfundishi Maasi, Mfundishi Khalil Maasi, and Mfundishi Akili Alleyne. Grayson is an active member of New Hope Baptist Church where Reverend Joe A. Carter is the Pastor. He is also an active brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and is currently working toward his MFA.



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Dates: 09/15/2012
Show Name: Artcetra
Venue: Coppin State University
City, State: Baltimore, Maryland