curtis-grayson-painterI use colors of bright, bold and brilliant hues, filled with energy allowing me to touch your soul. Working with oils, acrylics, watercolors and mix-mediums, have my art take you back to that song that made your feet tap or that place you visit time-to-time in your daydreams. At least once in a while, feel free to use my space as a place for shelter, warmth, peace and tranquility.

My study of everyday people as they walk, talk and carry themselves inspire many of my creative expressions. Art is my passion, gift and God-given talent that I am to share with the world. As an "Artist", my role is to be a recorder of time, to tell stories reflecting such, creating images that will last an eternity. Please enjoy my art with family and friends.

Please enjoy my art with family and friends.

- Burnett Curtis Grayson, III

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Dates: 09/15/2012
Show Name: Artcetra
Venue: Coppin State University
City, State: Baltimore, Maryland

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